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Carolyn Chernenkoff, B.S.N.

William Chernenkoff, M.D.
co-therapists in marital & sexual counselling

Relationships didn't come with instructions . . . . until now.


SEX is a 13-Letter Word


Foreword by Colin Grewar

A friend of mine suggested I call this the "foreplay" rather than the "foreword." I kind of liked the idea!

We don't hear much talk about sex on the radio. Certainly not on CBC Radio and not on a provincial program that airs between 4:00 and 6:00 on weekday afternoons. My colleagues and I on The Afternoon Edition knew we were taking a risk when we introduced a regular column on Sex and Relationships to our radio audience across Saskatchewan; that there would be those who would not want to listen to discussions about premature ejaculation, faking an orgasm or love at the office while they were driving the kids to hockey practice. We were sensitive to those concerns but we went ahead with the column because we believed strongly in its relevance, in its value and possibilities and we believed in Bill and Carolyn Chernenkoff.

The idea was to talk abut sex and relationships in an open, direct and positive way and to do so in a relaxed and conversational manner. After all, isn't this the way we should talk about these things? Bill and Carolyn offered us impeccable credentials, knowledge and understanding. They know what they're talking about. Collectively, they also offered us great "radio personality."  As a host I couldn't ask for two more wonderful guests. They're expressive, passionate, spontaneous, anecdotal, well prepared and they're very funny. Just like any other thirty-something male I have hang-ups about sex. It's not something I talk about openly to just anyone. But with Bill and Carolyn I felt perfectly comfortable. We were always confident that the conversational quality of the columns and Bill and Carolyn's warmth and enthusiasm made the majority of our listeners comfortable as well, no matter what the topic.

What you have here is a book that consists of word-for-word transcripts of our ten-minute "on-air" discussions on sex and relationships. This format captures the spirit of Bill and Carolyn. They're better in person, but this is the next best thing! I think it also makes the book more accessible: most of us prefer a conversation to a lecture and find dialogue more engaging than monologue. Most importantly, this format reinforces the Chernenkoff's central theme: We have to talk to each other if we're going to find and sustain rich and happy relationships.
I gained a great deal of knowledge, understanding and enjoyment from each and every one of my studio sessions with Bill and Carolyn Chernenkoff. I hope this book does the same for you.

Carolyn Chernenkoff, B.S.N.

William Chernenkoff, M.D.


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“Canada’s Masters and Johnson . . . The Chernenkoffs are authors of the book “Sex is a 13-letter word”, a guide to healthier, happier, and more loving relationships. Co-therapists in marital and sexual counselling for 31 years and married (to each other) for 44 years. Carolyn and Bill have distilled their training and experience into presentations illustrating the secrets to a sizzling sex life – good communication. “They’re expressive, passionate, spontaneous, well prepared and very funny”
- Pamela Wallin Live ,CBC Radio & Television


"This is an excellent, practical book for all people who are in relationships, contemplating relationships or looking back on failed relationships. It provides rich insights into common issues of sexuality and relationships in a very readable, understandable and balanced fashion. The balance arises from an equal emphasis placed on both sexual partners and models the Chernenkoff's approach in therapy."
-  Dr. David Keegan - Professor of Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan)

"The series of dialogue interviews which were carried out with Colin Grewar, I am sure was of invaluable assistance to many who listened in to the CBC Radio broadcasts . . . and now it will be of further assistance in printed form. Their treatment of the subject of human sexuality; the direct dealing with a wide scope of situations; provides choice exposure to the reader. Highlighting their points with role playing, often humorous, provides a relaxing text. The subject matter is written with clarity and is very informative. One could easily say it is prepared by those "in the know" (Carolyn and Bill) for those who would like to know more.
-  Rev. Stewart N. Dingwall - Minister, United Church of Canada

"Like its authors, this book is witty, sometimes irreverent and always entertaining. The subject matter is discussed with sensitivity, in an easy, conversational style." 
Dr. Anne F. Doig - Clinical Assistant, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Saskatchewan

"An excellent guide to a healthy and happy sexual relationship. A must for all to read."
-  Dr. Marilyn Davidson - Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Saskatchewan

"On a subject that has been taboo for centuries, Carolyn and Bill have performed so well in writing this book it can truly be said that they have reached the climax in sex education."
-  Dr. Salim Afridi - Clinical Associate Professor of Urology, University of Saskatchewan

"I would laugh so hard . . . I had to pull the car over to the side of the road . . . every time the Chernenkoffs came on the CBC . . . premature ejaculation!"
-  Ms. Pat Heighes - Theatre Director

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